Pre-Conception Care

Whether you are planning to get pregnant for the first time or you are between pregnancies, it is important to be prepared by receiving pre-conception care. People who want to get pregnant should practice healthy eating habits, get regular exercise and try to maintain a healthy weight.

Most women do not know they are pregnant right away. Since the first weeks of your pregnancy are critical to the growth and development of your baby it is mom and babyextremely important that you are taking good care of yourself and that you avoid any unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking or use of illegal drugs.

Your chances of experiencing a safe pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby are higher if you take the right steps prior to conceiving. A simple checkup to discuss your family's health history and to test for any serious health problems may help lower the risk of miscarriage, pregnancy complications, pre-mature birth and birth defects.

Pre-conception care is an important step in planning to start a family. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Niccoli to discuss ways you can prepare for a healthy baby before you conceive.