Heavy Mestrual Bleeding

If you experience excessive bleeding during your period there are options that may provide effective treatment. Heavy bleeding can take a toll on your physical and emotional health, may affect your desire for sexual activity, cause you to miss work or to decline participating in your normal social activities. One of the most effective treatments for heavy menstrual bleeding is NovaSure® Endometrial Ablation. Many women find relief through this simple, minimally invasive procedure.

Other treatment options include hormone therapy, a hormone-releasing IUD and Dilation and Curettage (also referred to as D&C). Most options provide only temporary relief and may include various hormonal side effects. The NovaSure Procedure is a one-time non-reversible procedure that provides a permanent solution, therefore you should decide whether you no longer wish to have children before considering this treatment. Your period should not impact your daily life. It is best to discuss any heavy bleeding with your doctor to review all of the alternatives available for treatment to decide which method is best for you. Dr. Niccoli is currently accepting new patients and would be happy to help you find a solution to any heavy bleeding you are having during your menstrual cycle.